So far, the proportion of diamond abrasives in resin grinding wheels is only about 10%. Most diamonds fall off prematurely due to their poor bonding force, heat during the grinding process, or the influence of external forces. This greatly restricts the efficiency and life of the resin grinding wheel.
Taking the more common diamond resin grinding wheel as an example, diamonds coated with Ti, Ni and other metals are generally used abroad as abrasives. The efficiency and life of this grinding wheel are several times that of ordinary diamond abrasive grinding wheels.
When the diamond surface is metallized, its comprehensive properties will be improved to varying degrees. Only add more than 20% TI, Ni diamond in the bond to replace ordinary diamond abrasive. This can greatly increase the life of the grinding wheel without affecting the sharpness. Appropriate amount of plated abrasives in the bond is superior to ordinary diamond abrasives and has a certain protective effect on ordinary diamond abrasives. Coated abrasives have good bonding force, heat resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance. Good support point for nearby ordinary diamond abrasives. This greatly reduces the chance of ordinary diamond abrasives falling off due to poor holding force and collision.
It has been proved by experiments that the diamond resin grinding wheel produced by the above method. During use, the service life is 1~1.2 times longer than that of ordinary diamond abrasive bond. Not only the sharpness of the grinding wheel is well guaranteed, but also the increased cost is relatively small. Of course, the added ratio can be higher without worrying about the cost.

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