Resin grinding wheel, mainly refers to the bonding agent of the grinding wheel is resin. It is also a resin abrasive wheel, but due to the different abrasives, the dressing methods are also different. Today we will introduce the following three resin grinding wheels.
1. Corundum abrasives. This type of abrasive wheel usually does not require dressing. Relying on the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel to carry out the shedding of sand particles, it is enough to continuously compensate accordingly. That is, at the beginning of the new abrasive wheel, it is simply trimmed for balance.
Second, the diamond abrasive. The dressing of this kind of grinding wheel cannot be dressed with abrasive wheel. Instead, rely on something softer and stickier for trimming. For example, iron blocks, oil stones, etc.
Third, the cubic boron nitride abrasive. The dressing of this abrasive wheel can refer to the dressing method of the second abrasive wheel.
The resin grinding wheel should pay attention to the above details when trimming the end face. Every detail must be paid extra attention, so that it can be used more smoothly in the future. It will also reduce the occurrence of various problems during use.

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