As an industrial product, cutting discs are always popular in the industrial industry. Although the current logistics system is perfect , accidents are unavoidable on the way. During the transportation of cutting discs, problems such as loss, damage and incomplete goods are inevitable.CNDOME Abrasives Disc has compiled solutions to these problems here for reference.

Damaged during transportation

Although the cutting disc is sharp, it cannot withstand the pressure of many goods. Before loading, it is necessary to stack the cutting discs neatly and pack them tightly to prevent the goods from falling down during transportation. In the event of other accidents, the relevant person in charge will be required to make compensation and related compensation for the lost product.

Lost during transportation

When the customer received the goods, he found that the cutting discs did not reach the relevant quantity. It is necessary to contact the suppliers in time, find the relevant person in charge, check the invoice and check whether the warehouse is less shipment. After finding the cause, promptly communicate with the customer and provide a solution to reduce the minimum loss of both parties.

The goods cannot delivery in time during the transportation

Know the actual address of a customer before shipping, and confirm that the cutting discssent out can be received. If the customer cannot receive the goods, he needs to provide his ID card and record the abnormality of the goods receipt. Any issues related to the quality of the cutting discs can be applied for return and exchange processing.

The freight cannot be paid in time during the transportation

cutting disc
If the customer cannot pay the freight in full, the manufacturer can send a small part of the goods, and the remaining goods can wait for the customer to pay all the freight before sending the remaining goods to the customer. Avoid the occurrence of non-payment by customers.
It is the responsibility of the cutting disc manufacturer to ensure that the product does not fall during transportation. So how to ensure that the cutting disc does not fall during transportation? Please see the following solutions:

Use auxiliary tools

When packaging the product, you can use auxiliary tools similar to bubble film. The cutting disc is the most unbearable to fall. The use of buffer packaging can slow down and absorb the impact and vibration of the items in the box, ensure the buffer protection of the product, and avoid damage to the goods. When the cut sheets are stacked on top of the pallet, they are also covered with a thick plastic film. In order to prevent the cutting disc from accidentally falling during transportation.
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