Resin grinding wheel is a abrasive wheel made of resin. According to the abrasive, it is generally divided into ordinary resin abrasive wheel and superhard resin grinding wheel. Ordinary resin grinding wheels are abrasive wheels with common abrasives such as white corundum, brown corundum, and silicon carbide as the main grinding components. Super hard resin abrasive wheel is a grinding wheel with diamond or CBN as the main grinding component.
Resin abrasive wheel has the characteristics of good elasticity, high strength, low heat resistance, strong self-sharpening, easy production and short process cycle. It is widely used for rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs, etc.
Resin grinding wheels are an in-demand tool that is commonly used in a variety of grinding operations. Such as: surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, slotting and internal grinding, etc.
Product quality is the premise of good sales performance and the cornerstone of the manufacturer’s brand reputation. The stable quality of resin grinding wheels is something that manufacturers must do. The first thing they have to consider is the factors that affect quality stability. We consider it from the following four aspects.
1. Inspection process problems. Raw material inspection, process inspection, factory inspection. It is an important part of the effective inspection and control of resin grinding wheel manufacturers. The main problems are incomplete system, unimplemented functions, lax management, lack of inspection equipment and lack of control, and poor professional quality of inspection personnel.
2. Equipment problems. The equipment of the enterprise is not complete, there is a lack of good mixers, and the tonnage of hydraulic presses is too small. At the same time, the equipment maintenance is poor, and the product quality is not easy to guarantee.
3. In terms of raw materials. The quality of the abrasive is uneven, and the particle size of the binder is too coarse, which will affect the hardness and strength of the abrasive wheel.
4. Resin grinding wheel manufacturing process problems. Resin abrasive wheel Resin grinding wheel manufacturing is an industrial product with strong craftsmanship. Problems can be found in compounding, forming, hardening, machining, and more.