Resin grinding wheel cutting discs are often used in today’s industrial society. Many manufacturers and consumers choose to use resin grinding wheels during processing and production. Sharp grinding wheel cutting discs can better speed up production. So how to check the degree of hardening of the resin abrasive wheel cutting disc during processing?

Solvent action method

This method is to take a certain number of abrasive samples. Immerse in synthetic resin solvent (such as acetone, ethanol, etc.). Let it soak in the solvent for a certain time (usually about 24h). Take out and observe the resistance of the abrasive wheel cutting disc sample to the solvent to determine its degree of hardening. Samples and solvents that do not change in color are considered fully hardened. If the abrasive wheel cutting disc sample swells or dissolves under the action of the solvent, it becomes a loose material. In the solvent, the resin becomes light yellow because the resin dissolves in it, and it is regarded as not fully hardened. The disadvantage of this method is that the parts are often damaged and it takes a long time. It is impossible to judge the excessive hardening of the grinding wheel cutting disc, and has little value for production inspection.

Color judgment method

This method is very simple. It is completely judged by the appearance of the grinding wheel cut sheet product. The hardened product is light brown and dark brown in color. The appearance of an unhardened wheel cut-off disc. Silicon carbide abrasives are green. White corundum abrasives are light yellow. Brown corundum abrasives are light yellow-green. Overhardened products are black in color. At present, in the inspection of resin grinding wheel cutting discs in my country, most of them use the color judgment method.
Resin grinding wheel cutting discs mainly use resin as a binder. It is a good cutting material, and the cutting method can also be classified in many ways. The material is sharp and the cutting efficiency is very fast. It is a material that many manufacturers like very much. When producing resin grinding wheel cutting discs, the quality of resin grinding wheel discs needs special attention.
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