Diamond ultra-thin cutting disc is the varieties with the largest amount and the largest number of production and development units in the processing of cutting workpieces. At present, there are mainly three types of diamond ultra-thin cutting discs by resin method, ultra-thin diamond cutting discs by electroplating method, and ultra-thin diamond cutting discs by metal method on the market. There are still many gaps in their rigidity, toughness and mechanical strength, accuracy, dimensional tolerance, and service life. The following is a detailed description of these three kinds of existence.

Resin method diamond ultra-thin cutting disc.

Mainly resin is used as a binder to bond the diamonds together. This kind of diamond ultra-thin cutting disc generally has a short service life, and the cutting sharpness is not strong, and it is easy to deviate.

Electroplating diamond ultra-thin cutting disc.

Mainly, a layer of gold steel sand is electroplated on the periphery of the metal by chemical action. In principle, it solves the lack of the strength of the ultra-thin matrix and makes up for some of the shortcomings of the resin method. But the short lifespan is also one of the biggest drawbacks.

Metal method diamond ultra-thin cutting disc.

It is made of metal powder mixed and sintered. Although there are some breakthroughs in lifespan and overall strength. However, its thickness can only be more than 0.3mm, and it cannot be achieved below 0.3mm. This is also one of the reasons that lead to the high price of metal-method diamond ultra-thin cutting discs. With the development of science and technology, electroforming diamond ultra-thin cutting disc has been researched. Make up for resin method, electroplating method, metal method and various advantages. The electroforming method can be thinned to 0.05mm. For the gemstone industry, cutting tools for the precision electronics industry are a new breakthrough.

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