The grinding wheel cutting disc is mainly used for cutting machinery, it is a grinding tool. There are many kinds of it, such as resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, diamond grinding disc and so on. Depending on the material, the application is also different. Grinding wheel cutting discs usually use a certain colorant to increase the color of the grinding disc. This is for aesthetics on the one hand, and on the other hand to protect the grinding disc cutting disc. It can improve the light resistance and high temperature resistance of the grinding disc. Today, the editor will talk about the types of colorants used in grinding disc cutting discs.
Iron oxide red, referred to as iron red, commonly known as Sudan. Is an inexpensive red colorant with great hiding and tinting power. It has excellent light resistance and high temperature resistance, and is resistant to atmospheric influence, foul gas and all alkalis. Due to the different preparation methods and process conditions, the structure, crystal state and composition are different. The color and light of the grinding wheel cutting disc products are quite different, and attention should be paid when using them.
Chrome oxide green, referred to as chrome green. The color of the grinding wheel cutting disc can range from bright green to dark green. High temperature resistance, light resistance, resistance to various chemical solvents.
Iron oxide black, referred to as iron black. The black powder is an adduct of iron oxide and ferrous oxide. Disc manufacturers consider it to have a saturated blue black. Very high hiding power and great tinting strength, but not as good as carbon black. The effect on sunlight and atmosphere is stable, resistant to all alkalis, but soluble in acid.
Carbon Black, a light and very fine black powdery substance. The main component is elemental carbon, containing a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, etc. Insoluble in various solvents.
Titanium dioxide, commonly known as titanium dioxide or titanium dioxide. The white powder has the strongest tinting strength among the white pigments. Grinding wheel cutting disc manufacturers believe that it has excellent hiding power and color fastness. It has good photostability and is non-toxic.
The above are the types of colorants used for grinding disc cutting discs, I hope you have some understanding. If you want to know more about grinding wheel cutting discs, grinding disc ultra-thin discs, and grinding discs. Please keep an eye on our Cndome® grinding wheels!