Grinding wheel is suitable for ordinary steel, steel pipe, angle steel, stainless steel, sheet steel, stone, concrete, etc. Scope of application Metal angle grinders are tools for grinding, lapping and polishing. Most of the abrasives are artificial abrasives made of abrasives and binders. Today, the editor of Czdome Grinding Wheel wants to share with you the reasons and solutions for the rapid wear and short life of the abrasive wheel.

1. The hardness of the selected grinding wheel is not enough. The abrasive wheel abrasive wheelwith this hardness is suitable for cutting other metals.

Solution: Choose a grinding wheel with a relatively high hardness.

2. The grinding wheel is too thin.

Solution: Choose a relatively thick grinding disc.

3. The speed of the angle grinder is too low.

Solution: Choose an angle grinder with a higher speed.

4. When the power of the angle grinder is under no-load and loaded state, the power loss is too large.
Solution: Reduce cutting pressure or replace with a more powerful angle grinder.

Resin grinding discs are widely used. For example, ultra-thin resin abrasive wheels can be used to cut diamonds, precious stones, precision ceramics, LED substrates, electronic component pins and circuit boards. Thick resin grinding disc can be used to cut horse line, marble, steel stone, etc.
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