Generally, there is no pros and cons. However, some cutting disc is covered with small iron rings, single bread or double bread. If it is single-sided, the side with the iron sheet is facing inward. If double-sided, there is no difference. Note here: When installing a new cutting disc, the cutting disc needs to be statically balanced twice. After a static balance, install the grinder and use a diamond pen to trim the shape of the cutting disc. Then remove the cutting disc and perform a static balance again before installation and use.
Here, pay attention to distinguish between the grinding disc and the cutting disc of the angle grinder. The grinding plate of the angle grinder has positive and negative sides, and the iron plate is the front side. In order to save costs, try to reduce the number of replacements of the grinding discs of the angle grinder. Therefore, it is necessary to properly maintain it in daily production. Be sure to press and hold the head lock before removing and tightening the anti-thread cover.

Cutting discs are widely used in many industries for their convenience and economy. However, many people neglect to make a reasonable choice of cutting chips according to their own occasions.

Cndome® recommends that you are grinding hard metals in your grinding process. Softer cutting discs should be used as they tend to blunt. In order to self-grind in time, softer ones should be used. Conversely, sand passivation is slower when grinding slightly softer materials. A harder one should be chosen to maintain grinding performance. But in grinding very soft materials. In the case of non-ferrous metals, the grinding wheel is easy to be blocked by chips, so a softer grinding wheel should be used.

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