There are many types of cutting blades, but many people do not know how to purchase cutting blades correctly. If you don’t understand your own needs, it’s easy to step on the thunder. Czdome Grinding Wheel has sorted out the five main points of the purchase of cutting discs, hoping to help you.

First,the size of the Cutting Disc

In the case of the same proportion of raw materials. The larger the cutting blade size, the more raw material is required. The price will also increase. At the same time, the larger size of the cutting blade. The cut range is wider. Different sizes also mean different ranges are required. Prices will also change accordingly.

Second,raw material of Cutting Disc

There are two main types of raw materials for cutting blades: resin powder and brown corundum. The prices of these two raw materials fluctuate in the market. Although the price has been transparent. However, the price difference between the middlemen will make it difficult to be transparent about the initial price of raw materials. When choosing and purchasing cutting blades, pay attention to the purity of the color. The cutting blades produced from pure new raw materials are not only pure in color but also higher in quality than those produced with recycled materials.

Third,customized cutting sheet

Regarding customization, it is also different from the above two points. The size of the cutting blade is different and the price is also different. Need custom or special needs cutting blades. Because the customized abrasives are different, the price will also change. When purchasing cutting blades, if you need to customize. You must think about the actual cost of process issues, custom colors, packaging, shipping, etc.

Fourth,the transportation of cutting discs

Many companies do not consider carefully when purchasing cutting blades. Shipping costs are also included in the quotation for ambiguous cutting discs. Especially for enterprises with large demand, if they can be transported at one time, they should not be divided into two times. When transporting, it is necessary to coordinate with the manufacturer in time to arrange a reasonable transportation method.

Fifth,the problem of the minimum order quantity of cutting pieces

Many conventional cut sheets do not have an exact MOQ. If it is about customization, MOQ is generally required. Because of the cost of processing and production. If the MOQ is too small, it is not cost-effective for manufacturers and buyers. A win-win situation cannot be achieved. Czdome Grinding Wheel recommends buyers to consider the needs of enterprises. Specify the quantity, color, and subsequent costs.
These are the five things you need to pay attention to when buying cutting blades. Make clear your purchasing needs and don’t be fooled by too many market conditions. Czdome grinding wheel has 20 years of production experience to meet the needs and size requirements of buyers.