Cutting discs are very popular products in the market now and are widely used. Among them, the ultra-thin cutting disc is the leader in the cutting disc. Its performance and quality are strictly required, and the requirements for load strength are extremely strict. Let’s take a look at the summary below for its specific requirements.
With the improvement of grinding process. The grinding load and strength requirements for ultra-thin resin cutting discs are increasing. It has been replaced by the portable ultra-thin cutting machine and the suspended stainless steel cutting machine in the past. Developed to the present ultra-high speed heavy load billet grinding machine. The speed of the ultra-thin cutting disc can normally reach 50m/s. The load of ultra-thin resin cutting disc has been developed from 3-50 kg in the past to 1000 kg today. Ultra-thin resin cutting discs are widely used in many industries, especially in the processing of long slotting processes. As people love the concept of ultra-thin, ultra-thin cutting discs are becoming more and more popular among consumers. The current cutting discs are effective in cutting metal materials. Especially suitable for cutting, super hard alloy, tungsten steel, soft ferrite.
Now with the continuous progress of society, more and more products have been changed more precisely. Cutting disc is also undergoing ultra-thin upgrades, so that they can also be used properly in machine upgrades. Therefore, we should pay attention to the corresponding processing in this aspect. This will make it more convenient for future use.