Resin cutting discs, also known as resin grinding wheel discs, are mainly resin abrasive tools made of chemical synthetic fiber fabrics as additional materials. They have relatively high tensile, impact and bending strength, and high linear speed when used.
Resin grinding wheels are often installed on electric and air-driven grinders. They can repair various metal surfaces, clean up welds, solder joints, rust, polish castings, burrs, flash, repair surface defects, and grooving and cutting workpieces jobs. The use of resin grinding wheels is efficient and safe, and is suitable for industrial sectors such as chemical industry, shipbuilding, machinery, automobiles, and construction.
1.Use an angle grinder with a safety cover and a cutting machine with a safety cover;
The guard should have enough strength to resist the burst of the resin grinding wheel. Some countries have detailed regulations on the design and materials used for protective devices. Generally speaking, cast iron or cast aluminum should be avoided. The grinding operation opening of the guard should be as small as possible, and an adjustable baffle should be installed.
2. Wear protective glasses, masks, earplugs, gloves, dust-proof clothing;
3. Use at the maximum operating speed of the ultra-thin resin cutting disc, and the maximum operating speed below the number of revolutions;
The operating speed of the resin grinding wheel shall not exceed the maximum allowable working speed specified by the manufacturer. All grinding machines should be marked with spindle speed. The maximum allowable peripheral speed and corresponding speed of the resin grinding wheel are also displayed on the grinding wheel. For variable speed grinders and grinding wheels, special protective measures must be taken to allow hand-held grinders to be installed with appropriate allowable speeds.
4. Never use the side of the resin cutting sheet;
5. Use the correct flange. No enhancement: more than 1/3; with enhancement: more than 1/4;
The flange should be made of low-carbon steel or similar materials and should not be less than one third of the diameter of the grinding wheel.
6. Confirm that the resin cutting disc has no chipped edges, cracks, cracks, etc. before use;
7. Store the resin cutting chip in a place without direct sunlight and moisture, and place it horizontally;
During transportation and handling, if the resin wheel bonded with phenolic resin is wetted, its strength will be reduced; uneven moisture absorption will cause the wheel to lose balance.
8. It is recommended that before using the ultra-thin resin cutting disc, please use it after idling for one minute. When replacing a new type of resin cutting disc, please idling for 3 minutes before use;
9. Fix the cut object firmly;
10. If the inner diameter of the resin cutting disc is small and does not match the equipment, please do not change the hole diameter of the grinding wheel.
If the resin grinding wheel is installed on an improper instrument, such as at the end of the main shaft of the polishing machine, accidents or breakage may occur. The spindle should have an appropriate diameter, but not too large to avoid cracking the center hole of the grinding wheel.
Take the above safety protection measures to ensure the smooth progress of high-efficiency production.