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The following are the precautions for the installation of resin grinding wheel cutting discs.

(1) Before installing the resin abrasive wheel cutting disc. Check the safe working line speed, and the abrasive wheel with unclear or no mark shall be re-tested by rotation.
(2) Before installing the resin grinding wheel cutting disc, tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer. If the abrasive wheel (especially the ceramic abrasive wheel) is found to be muted. It means that there may be cracks in the abrasive wheel, and this abrasive wheel cannot be used.
(3) The flanges clamped on both sides should have the same shape and size. The diameter of the flange is generally half the diameter of the cutting disc of the resin grinding wheel. There should be a concave groove on the inside, between the end face of the abrasive wheel and the flange. A piece of elastic cardboard or leather or oil-resistant rubber gasket with a thickness of about 1-2mm should be placed. The diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the flange.
(4) The flange screws should be tightened symmetrically in turn. Make the clamping force evenly distributed, but do not use too much force, otherwise one side will be fracturing.
(5) After the resin grinding wheel cutting disc is installed. It must be statically balanced before it can be installed on the grinder. When the deflection is too large, re-install the abrasive wheel. Special attention should be paid to the installation of abrasive wheels on the grinding machine.

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