Metal cutting discs are simply blades for metal cutting. There are many types of cutting dics, like our table needs to be cut with wood cutting discs. We all know that metal is a kind of material that is difficult to cut. Usually we use resin grinding wheel cutting discs to operate. Lots of sparks are generated when cutting metal. So what should you pay attention to when using the angle grinder? Let me share with you the editor of Czdome Grinding Wheel.
Daily check whether the accessories are in good condition. In order to prevent all fire situations. In addition, we also need to check whether the insulated cable is damaged or aging. After checking, plug in the power supply before you can work.
During cutting and grinding operations. There should be no people and explosives within one meter around. Do not work in the direction of people to prevent casualties.
When working with dangerous and flammable materials, more than two fire extinguishers must be equipped to prevent problems before they happen. To achieve the principle of safety first and production second.
When using for a long time (more than 30 minutes), you should stop taking a rest for more than 20 minutes. Do not work until it has cooled down. To prevent the long-term use of the cutting disc, the temperature is too high, which is easy to damage and cause industrial accidents.
The above is the editor’s safety precautions when cutting metal with cutting disc! For more information about the application fields and purchase of grinding wheel cutting discs, welcome to click on the homepage of Czdome Grinding Wheel, and let’s discuss together!