I’m not sure how much do you indeed know about the a style=”color: #FFAA06;” of resin abrasives disc ? Resin cutting disc belongs to the resin abrasives disc, is also suitable for angle grinder machine. Today we will let you know that it has many applications , so please don’t leave away, keep on reading .
Cutting discs are used for the cut of stainless steel tubes, glass tubes, quartz tubes, automobile exhaust pipes, brake wires, tungsten wires, molybdenum wires, copper wires ; and other pipe fittings and filaments, as well as special steel cutting and workpiece opening The grooves have good final results. So what is the processing technology of the cutting disc , i think most of people are interested in ? The following please let me introduce to you the 3 major processing techniques of cutting discs.
The first one , Cold pressing process
The binders are using wet agents and powdered resins. Liquid phenolic resins, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, and cresols are usually used as wet agents. Liquid phenolic resins are most commonly used in actual.
The second one,Semi-hot pressing process
The pressing temperature is generally 50-65°C. At this pressing temperature, the viscosity of the liquid resin becomes smaller. The powdered resin can be well integrated, so that the fluidity of the entire resin system is improved and it is easier to fully penetrate each space even if the press The cutting sheet can be formed well even when the pressure is not too high, and it does not need to be too long, which is especially suitable for continuous operation of the automatic pressing production line.
The third one, hot pressing process
The mixing requirements are often different from the cold pressing process. Generally, dry mixing is used or less than 1% of the weight of the abrasive is used as a wetting agent to moisten the abrasive and then mixed with the powdered resin evenly.
Pay attention! ! !
When the cutting disc is working under high-speed rotation , operators must stand by side and do not on the front to avoid the cutting disc flying out or breaking out hurting people when it fails. Pay attention to wearing gloves, goggles and other protective items when operating the cutting work ! ! !