The ultra-thin grinding wheel belongs to the grinding wheel and is also a grinding tool. The ultra-thin cutting sheet manufacturer will give you a specific introduction.
There are three main processes for resin grinding wheel cutting discs.
1. Manufacturers of ultra-thin cutting sheets will use cold pressing process. The binders used are wetting agents and powdered resins. Liquid phenolic resins, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, cresol, etc. are usually used as wetting agents. The most used is liquid phenolic resin.
2. Manufacturers of ultra-thin cutting sheets will use a semi-hot pressing process. The pressing temperature is generally 50-65°C. The liquid resin becomes less viscous at this pressing temperature. Able to blend powdered resins well. Improve the fluidity of the entire resin system. It is easier to fully penetrate each space, and it can be formed well even if the pressure of the press is not too high. The holding time does not need to be too long, and it is generally suitable for automatic pressing production lines with continuous operations.
3. Manufacturers of ultra-thin cutting sheets will use hot pressing technology. The mixing requirements are different from the cold pressing process. Generally, the dry mixing method is used, or furfural less than 1% of the weight of the abrasive is used as a wetting agent to wet the abrasive, and then mixed with powdered resin evenly.

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