14 inch cutting disc for metal

14”x5/64”x1”AH” T41 Super Cutting Disc
Brand:OEM customization or Cndome
Supplier: Dome manufacture
Size range: 3”-16”
14″ 355x3x25.4mm TOP Quality Cut Off Wheel
High Speed Cutting disc 14 inch



14 inch cutting disc for metal/355X3X25.4MM inch cutting disc for metal

It uses resin as the bonding agent and combines a variety of materials. It has outstanding cuttingperformance for alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials.
Exported countries:USA, England, France, Russia, Brasil, Poland, Australia.
The green one is sharper, the black one is more durable.
We can Customize other thicknesses according to customer needs.
Convenient installation and simple operation.

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Model Number:6N
Name:14″ cutting disc 355mm
Cutting disc use:cutting metal, stainless steel, stone,aluminum
Cutting disc colour:red, green, black, ect
Delivery time:25 days after receipt of the deposit
Brand Name:CNDOME or OEM
Type:cutting disc
Cutting disc capacity:300,000 pcs per day
Cutting disc size:355×3.2×25.4mm
Inner packaging:carton, pallet&other design packing
Material:resin, firber, aluminium oxide

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