flap disc

Size:4″ – 7″ T27 / T29
Cover:mesh cover / plastic cover
Material:Calcined black sand / Zirconium corundum blue sand / red sand
No. of pages:72 / 90 / 108
Brand: OEM customization or CNDOME
Packaging: All shrink to ensure quality or can be customized



Flap DiscFlap DiscFlap Disc

The difference between mesh cover and plastic cover.
Plastic cover: economical and practical, cost-effective.
Mesh cover: middle metal ring, stronger and better quality.

Sharp and anti-wear, good effect: thickened and calcined, the grinding speed is fast.

The sand is uniform and not easy to fall off: the sand is uniform and full, and the luster is bright, which greatly increases the friction force.

Long service life and good heat dissipation: heat treatment processing makes the louver more resistant to high temperature and wear, anti-chip, etc., and has good heat dissipation and prolongs service life.

Main scope of application: polishing, polishing and polishing in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, hardware, plastics, melamine, building materials, automobiles, tanning, textiles and other industries. The louver has special grinding metal and special grinding wood. It cannot be mixed. It is made of small pieces of emery cloth stacked into a circle and glued to the circular substrate.

Place of Origin:China
Certificate:MPAGrain:Grain SizeBrand Name: OEM/DOME
Usage:Grinding SteelMaterial:Corundum

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