7 inch grinding wheel

7”x1/4”x7/8” T27 Super Grinding Wheel
Brand:OEM customization or Cndome
Supplier: Dome manufacture
Size range: 3”-16”
7″ 180x6x22.2mm TOP Quality Cut Off Wheel
High Speed Grinding Wheel 7 inch



7 inch grinding wheel/180X6X22.2MM grinding wheel

180x6x22mm abrasive grinding wheel resin grinding wheels for angle grinder.
Mainly for polishing.For example,the burrs on the surface of the workpiece need to be polished,andthe weld bead on the surface of the workpiece needs to be polished. At this time,the angle grinder isequipped with a grinding plate to grind the burr away and smooth the weld bead.
We also provide free design layout and free samples to you.

Type:grinding wheel
Brand Name:DOME& OEM
Usage:stainless steel grinding
Grinding ratio:1:06
Export country:USA, England, France, Russia
Quality standard:EN12413
QTY per ctn:200PCS
Name:180X6X22.2MM stainless steel grinding wheel for aluminum
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Model Number:180*6*22.2
Abrasive Grain Sizes:40
OEM:custom IS acceptable

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