When using the resin cutting disc of the resin grinding wheel, sometimes the effect is not ideal, the thickness is uneven, and the edge and diamond are incomplete. The main reasons for the poor working effect of these resin grinding wheels in specific operations are as follows:
1. The screw of the fixed trolley screw bearing seat is loose, and the rotating screw needs to be adjusted at this time.
2. The clearance between the screw and the nut is large, and the clearance is not eliminated during operation. Pay attention to eliminating the clearance in one direction during operation.
3. The end of the resin cutting disc has a large skip, and the saw disc needs to be tested to be qualified.
4. The transmission chain is too loose.
5. The machine is not placed smoothly during operation, and this kind of situation will also occur.
6. The main bearing clearance is too large, the main shaft bearing is damaged, the saw disc runs erratically, and the saw disc radial amplitude is too large. These are the causes of the problem.
The above reasons for the unqualified finished product and the poor operation effect are all learned from a resin grinding wheel manufacturer, and I hope to help you.

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