The cutting disc is widely used in many industries with its convenient, economic, etc.. However, many people ignore the reasonable selection cutting disc based on their own use. So what is the principle of cutting disc the chips?
Good uniform appearance and no cracking is the basic appearance of the cutting disc.
Excellent packaging and printed anti-pseudo bar code is the difference between the factory products is different from counterfeit goods.
The lower the static unbalanced value of any cutting disc, the better, and the larger production is, the greater the production.
The general rules of cutting and polishing are small. The wear is low, the grinding wheel is too hard. The amount of iron to the iron is too bad. The inner quality is as little wear as possible. The amount of iron is very good.
For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper aluminum, glass stone, due to their tissue density and heat generation, there is a difference between the choice of cutting discs. The glass stone, there is market Specialized glass stone cutting tool. Copper aluminum and stainless steel solid materials have low thickness or cutting discs of zirconium as a substrate. The cutting carbon steel, stainless steel profile (non-solid) requires the use of hardness The grinding wheel will greatly increase the life. But the solid round steel, the forgings require the grinding wheel to be too high, otherwise it will not be able to cut!
In summary, when grinding the metal in grinding, a softer cutting disc should be selected. Because it is easy to be blunt, in order to be self-sufficient, it should be used in soft. Conversely, when the molar is slightly soft, the cryptocytosis is relatively slow, and it should be harder to maintain grinding performance. However, in the grinding material, such as non-ferrous metals, because the grinding wheel is easy to be blocked by chips, there is a soft grinding wheel.