Although the grinding wheel sheet has a wide range of applications. However, if it cannot be properly stored and kept, it will inevitably affect its use effect. How to properly store and keep the grinding wheel? Today, Xiaobian Damon will give you a brief explanation.

When the grinding wheel is transported and stored, be careful not to collide. Resin bond grinding wheels and vitrified bond grinding wheels are prone to chipping and cracking after collision.

Avoid contact with corrosive gases and liquids. Especially resin-bonded diamond grinding wheels. Exposure to aggressive chemicals can alter resin properties.

Due to the influence of resin aging, the shelf life of the grinding disc is generally not more than one year. Otherwise, its normal use will be affected. If it must be used, relevant safety inspections must be carried out.

When the grinding disc is not in use, the coolant should be washed off in time. To keep the surface of the grinding wheel clean. Prevent oil coolant from infiltrating the inside of the grinding disc. Causes an unbalanced phenomenon when the grinding disc is used again.

Try to keep the grinding disc at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high or low temperatures.

The above is the introduction of the cutting method of the rail cutting piece. Hope you all understand.

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