Grinding wheels as an indispensable part of the abrasive industry, the risk of breakage exists objectively. Necessary safety measures need to be taken to avoid hazards. Therefore, safety at all stages of using the grinding wheel is very necessary.
Upon receipt, all grinding wheels should be unpacked for inspection. Check for debris from shipping. First, pay attention to whether the outer packaging is in good condition. If the outer package is damaged, consult with the supplier. If the outer packaging is intact. Be careful to open the box with a tool without damaging the internal grinding wheels. Do not place heavy objects on the unpacked box to avoid crushing the internal grinding wheels. Use a brush to clean the surface of the grinding wheel, and check whether the quality, size, grade, grit, and adhesive conform to the invoice and the list of the box. The grinding wheel is relatively fragile. To avoid chips, cracks and damage during handling.

The following points should be noted.

1. Do not roll the grinding wheel. If the large-size grinding wheel must roll, the ground should be laid with a resilient floor.
2. Choose the appropriate means of transport, and wear gloves when handling with bare hands.
3. When handling, do not press heavy objects on the grinding wheel to avoid crushing.
4. The external environment should be kept dry and ventilated, and the temperature change is small, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees. Vitrified wheels should not be placed in wet or frozen places. Resin bond grinding wheels cannot be in contact with acid and alkali. Neither of these two grinding wheels, as well as the rubber-bonded grinding wheel, can come into contact with oil.

Storage knowledge of grinding wheels

5, can not be stacked arbitrarily. It should be stored on appropriate racks and cabinets according to specifications. Also avoid places that vibrate. And indicate the detailed parameters such as the specifications of the grinding wheel. According to its shape, material, size, granularity and other orderly storage, so as to avoid confusion.
6. The stacking height of resin grinding wheels and rubber grinding wheel cannot exceed 200mm. And place a flat iron plate at the bottom and top of it to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and deforming.
7. Thin-film grinding wheels with sharp edges should be stacked together. And the space between each grinding wheel is separated by a liner (soft material such as thick cardboard or foam that can maintain a certain strength).
8. Because the grinding wheels of rhombohedral (magnesium oxide) binder can absorb moisture in the air. Therefore, the storage of this grinding wheels should pay special attention to preventing heat and corrosion.
9. Rubber binder, rhombohedral binder and resin binder should not be placed for too long. Otherwise, aging problems will occur due to changes in chemical composition. The shelf life of rubber and resin binders is generally not more than one year. After the expiration date, it can be used after re-inspection.

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