The concept of green manufacturing has been proposed for several years, especially in foreign countries. Green manufacturing has been generally regarded as an important means to achieve sustainable development of the manufacturing industry. Some mature green cutting technologies have also been widely promoted and applied. A basic industry in the cutting disc abrasive industry. Machining has always occupied an extremely important position. Let me share with you the daily storage and use strategies of cutting chips:

1. The use time of the cutting blade

The storage period is one year. If the time is exceeded, the rotation inspection should be carried out again. It can be used after confirmation. Work slowly when using the cutting blade. Excessive force is prone to stalling, jamming and breaking of the cutting blade. If a jam occurs, the cutting blade should be lifted immediately to avoid burning or jamming of the cutting blade.

2. Use the side of the cutting piece;

It is recommended to wear protective goggles, masks, earplugs, gloves, and dust-proof clothing when using cutting blades. The cutting disc should never be used after idling for one minute. When replacing a new type of cutting disc, please use it after idling for three minutes.
If the inner diameter of the resin chip is small and does not match the equipment. Do not arbitrarily change the aperture of the grinding wheel by yourself.
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