Not only is the market competition for flap disc so bad, as an upstream supplier of flap discs, whether it is emery cloth, adhesives, or net cover substrates, it is also abnormally competitive. The supply chain products between upstream and downstream seem to be out of quality standards, quality requirements, and long-term quality stability. Most users have only one standard for suppliers-low price first.
Watching the industry move from manual production to semi-automated and fully automated production, we have seen the rapid pace of industry upgrades and also experienced the industry. The moaning after the production equipment upgrade may be the price of vicious competition.
Almost all industry friends are blaming the vicious competition in the market, but where is the root of the problem? There is only one answer, that is, the product has no quality standard. I don’t think the quality standard of flap disc can be determined by a flap disc processing factory. Emery cloth, adhesive, net cover matrix, etc. are all closely related to it. In other words, the premise of a product with quality standards is that all materials are standardized.
The flap disc market is now divided into two major segments, the high-end segment and the low-end mass market. The high-end market has been firmly controlled by imported flap discs, and industry colleagues can only sigh, and most manufacturers can only fight in the low-end field. But why are they unable to gain market share by using low prices in the high-end sector? We can’t help but ask ourselves a question. There are two reasons: one is that high-end users will not accept a product without a standard, even if you have a lower price; the other is that everyone will always only accept products with higher quality and more stable performance.
Now, almost all low-end product manufacturers are crying hard and tired, they are fighting a price war for market share. There is only one reason for the chaos. There is no quality standard for the products. Many manufacturers feel very pessimistic about the prospects of the company, and even lose their direction, and don’t know how the company should go on.
What is the quality standard of flap disc? The most important item is safety in use. Whether it was the manual era before or the automated production in recent years, some cases of louvers hurting people often occurred, which could not help but remind people of industries such as automobiles and construction, and emphasized that the safety and reliability of products have been raised to the height of industry standards. If you ignore this point of safety and reliability, companies will soon be eliminated, because the market or individuals will not accept a product without safety and reliability. Only by making the flap discs safer than required can we avoid personal injury to the end user. However, most manufacturers in the market currently minimize the use of materials in order to reduce costs and sway at the critical point. However, the quality and stability of any material is relative, and there is always a certain free range, and it will be bad if it does not reach the range. Therefore, only by making the standards higher than the standards required by users to ensure safety and reliability can we not be affected when there are some small-scale changes in the raw material standards.
The market pattern and demand of the flap discs are changing, just as China’s economic system is changing. So we now make a bold guess about the flap disc market in five years, that is, the market terminal only accepts a flap disc with a quality standard, and the flap disc produced by an enterprise without a quality standard will definitely be eliminated.