Abrasives are the main factor that determines the quality of grinding. Reasonable selection of abrasive tools is the main condition to constitute the best parameters of grinding. Angle grinder is the most used type of grinding tool. It is used for grinding and rust removal of various metal and non-metal materials, which is fast and economical. High-speed rotation during operation for rough, semi-finish and finish grinding as well as grooving and parting of metal or non-metal workpieces.
Angle grinder is one of the most widely used abrasive tools. It rotates at high speed during use, and can perform rough grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding, as well as grooving and cutting of the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. Of course, angle grinders that have been used for a long time will definitely wear out in appearance. So how should we maintain the angle grinder?
The most vulnerable parts of the angle grinder to wear are the part brushes. After the brush is worn out, the contact resistance between it and the rotor reversing angle grinder will increase, and the spark will increase. Lightly singeed the rotor, heavy, burned the rotor, even the stator may be burned for a long time. If the time is long, the stator will also burn, so it must be checked regularly and replaced in time.
When replacing the bearing of the angle grinder, carefully observe whether the bearing is complete. If the closing cover of the bearing is found to be incomplete or missing, the internal grease must be completely replaced. Otherwise, the iron scraps mixed in will damage the gear.
When replacing the angle grinder, install the plastic ring outside the stator of the angle grinder. Because it plays the role of setting the direction of airflow. With it, the air is drawn forward at high speed by the fan blades on the rotor and ejected from the nose. Effective cooling of rotor and stator coils to prevent temperature rise. Otherwise, the coil will overheat if used for a long time.

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