Resin cutting discs are widely used in many industries for their unique properties such as high efficiency, convenience and economy. In order to achieve safe production and improve production efficiency, it is necessary to follow conventional rules. If using a cutting blade that does not match the workpiece being cut. It is prone to abnormal wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heat, etc. In addition, pay attention to when the flange is too small or the accuracy is poor. It is easy to damage the cutting blade, please use it after improvement. What should I do if the grinding wheel is stuck? The following Dome grinding wheel will be analyzed for you:
Improper selection of abrasive wheel. (Such as: cutting stainless steel, alloy steel grinding wheel, used to cut aluminum, etc.)
Solution: Choose the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material characteristics of the workpiece.

Grinding wheel is too thick.
Solution: Choose a thinner wheel.
Grinding wheel particle size is too coarse.
Solution: Choose a grinding wheel with a finer grain size.
With the future development of the machinery industry. More and more dicing sheet companies have begun to enter this market. We have already started to update the product technology. It is hoped that more products that are more suitable for the development level of the machinery industry at that time can be developed.