Resin cutting discs and double mesh cutting discs are two different types of cutting wheels used for cutting various materials. The main differences between these two types of cutting discs are:
Material composition: Resin cutting sheets are made of a resin binder and abrasive grains, while double mesh cutting wheels are made of two layers of fiberglass mesh and abrasive grains.
Durability: Double mesh cutting sheets are generally more durable than resin cutting wheels. This is because the two layers of mesh provide added strength and stability to the disc, making it less prone to breakage or warping.
Cutting speed: Resin cutting discs generally have a faster cutting speed than double mesh cutting wheels. This is because the resin binder allows for a more aggressive cut, while the two layers of mesh in the double mesh cutting disc can slow down the cutting process.
Application: Resin cutting wheels are typically used for cutting metal, while double mesh cutting wheels are used for cutting various materials such as stone, tile, and concrete.
To sum up, resin cutting sheets are brittle and easy to break, while double mesh cutting sheets are more durable and less prone to damage due to the special manufacturing process. According to the query of relevant information, the resin has strong wear resistance, and the double-sided mesh is not as durable as the resin. Resin cutting discs are generally used to cut ordinary steel or stainless steel. Double net cutting wheels are special cutting sheets. The objects to be cut by double net cutting wheels are relatively hard, such as stainless steel and steel pipes with thick walls, and cutting springs. Hard steel such as steel.