The source of the crack is brought in by the cutting disc during the production process. No material can be completely free of defects. The polishing pads are just different in number and degree. Although various efforts have been made in process operation and the like. There are still more internal defects than metal materials. The following Cndome® will be introduced in detail for you.
However, this does not mean that a flawed cutting disc will necessarily produce cracks. It is important that the product cannot be plastically deformed like metal under the action of external force. It is easy to concentrate the stress in a certain part, so that this part of the defect-crack source is quickly transformed into a crack. Once internal cracks are formed and reach a certain critical size, they are very easy to propagate. The internal stress immediately concentrates on the crack and spreads to both sides. It cannot absorb the energy brought by external force by changing its shape like metal. This energy can only be absorbed in the form of new surfaces. The expansion of the crack means the formation of two new surfaces.
In this way, the crack propagates rapidly, and the new surface grows rapidly. until cracks form or break. All the added energy is converted into the energy produced by the new surface. This is the process of the formation of dicing chip cracks.
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