Resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel made of resin with high strength. It is used in cutting discs, double end faces, heavy duty grinding wheels, polishing wheels and so on. It has the characteristics of certain elasticity, low heat resistance, good self-sharpening, easy production and short process cycle. It is widely used for rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs, etc. The resin grinding wheel will definitely be lost in use. In fact, users all know that the resin grinding wheel itself is a consumable. What we really care about is the speed at which the resin wheel wears and the degree of wear.
1. The material of the main working parts of the resin grinding wheel is improperly selected. The material has poor performance and is not wear-resistant. Die steel is unrefined and has a large number of smelting defects. The convex and concave die, the forging process of the forging blank is not perfect, and there are hidden dangers of heat treatment.
2. Resin grinding wheel structure design problem, the die structure is unreasonable. The slender punch is not designed with a reinforcement device, the discharge port is not smooth, and the stacking occurs.
3. The production process of resin grinding wheel is not perfect. Mainly manifested in poor internal quality of convex and concave die forging billets, and problems with heat treatment technology and process. The convex and concave molds are not quenched through, and there are soft spots and uneven hardness. Sometimes micro-cracks or even cracking occur, grinding and polishing are not in place, and the surface roughness value is too large.
4. Unlubricated or lubricated but ineffective.

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