Diamond resin grinding wheel generally use diamonds coated with Ti, Ni and other metals as abrasives in foreign countries. The efficiency and life of this grinding wheel are several times that of ordinary diamond abrasive grinding wheels.
We know that the proportion of diamond abrasives in the grinding wheel is only about 10% so far. Most diamonds have poor adhesion to them. Heat during grinding, or fall off prematurely due to external forces. This greatly restricts the efficiency and life of the resin grinding wheel.

In fact, when the diamond surface is metallized, its comprehensive properties will be improved to varying degrees.

1. There will be obvious thorn-like protrusions on the diamond surface. That is, roughening the diamond surface. This greatly improves the holding force and bonding strength of the bond to the diamond.
2. After the diamond is chemically plated with metal. The compressive strength is about 40%~55% higher than the original. The high load can be greatly reduced. The probability of the diamond abrasive under large cutting volume being broken and falling off due to strong impact. At the same time, metals such as Ti and Ni have good thermal conductivity. It is easy to graphitize when working with diamond abrasives at high temperature. Played a good anti-thermal corrosion effect.
Of course, diamond-surfaced metal-coated abrasives also have their drawbacks. As we all know, resin bond grinding wheels are sharper than other bond grinding wheels. It needs to be completed by the resin-bonded grinding wheel constantly breaking and falling off of the diamond abrasive itself during the use process. However, it is difficult to realize the above process because the metal-coated diamond is wrapped by Ti and Ni. It is also weaker than ordinary diamond abrasives in cutting edge speed. Although the longevity has been greatly improved. But it also affects its sharpness to varying degrees. And the manufacturing cost will also increase.

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