The cutting disc belongs to the grinding wheel and needs to be very careful in the production process. If the processing is not good, there will be a series of problems when it is used later. These mainly include the following three types:
One, shaking hands. When the cutting discs are running at high speed, the vibration is serious when holding the handle, which reduces the cutting efficiency and causes waste. The reason is caused by the imbalance of the cutting disc.
Second, bridge flute, that is, film. When the cutting disc is running at high speed, the trajectory cannot be in a straight line. The direct consequence is that the material after cutting has slanted stubble, which makes it impossible to meet the processing requirements.
Three, cracks, broken. Due to the poor quality of the mesh, too little or expired binder, and the low temperature of the kiln, the cutting discs will crack when it is running at high speed. In severe cases, it will be broken and hurt people.

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