Recently, Czdome grinding wheel manufacturers have purchased more than a dozen different types of cutting disc from various channels for testing. The price is much lower than usual on the market. It is also difficult to compare the quality of the cutting discs after testing. It is found that many manufacturers ignore the market conditions, and the price is much lower than the usual market. In order to just sell the cut pieces, that’s the end of it. Consumer usage is not considered in the slightest.
Cutting disc manufacturers cannot give up word of mouth and quality in order to gain profits. There are many inexpensive cutting discs on the market. It’s not because there is too much inventory and it can’t be sold, so it’s sold at a low price. Instead, secondary materials and inferior meshes are selected for production during the production process. There is no safety guarantee during use. Let me ask which consumers dare to use it. If there is a security problem, who will be responsible?
in the entire cutting disc industry. It often occurs that consumers refuse to pay because the quality of the cutting pieces is not up to standard. This kind of thing is undoubtedly a big problem for cutting blade manufacturers. Word of mouth and quality will be questioned. If you want to restore word of mouth afterwards, you need to not improve the quality.
Consumers buy low-priced cutting blades, don’t think that they have taken a big advantage. In the end, only consumers are affected. Inexpensive cutting blades are not guaranteed to be safe. The phenomenon of flying flakes popping out during use. Manufacturers will not be greatly affected. In the end, the unlucky consumers are those who love petty cheap.
When many manufacturers play price wars, they directly damage the interests of consumers. It also ruined the industry reputation of the cutting blade, causing the public to question the industry’s products. In the end, only those manufacturers who play price wars will suffer the consequences.
Small profits but quick turnover, this is a traditional business economic means. But in the cutting blade manufacturer, the quality of the cutting blade is the only reliable existence. No matter what the product is, there is always a lower-priced product. Even if the product quality is not up to standard and the price is low, there will always be customers who place orders. However, from a long-term perspective, the price war will not have a long-term development in the industry of cutting chips.
The above are the three points that Czdome grinding wheel manufacturers share for you. As a cutting blade manufacturer, it is our obligation to protect the product during transportation, and we must deliver the finished product to the customer. To learn more about cutting discs, please pay more attention to the homepage of Czdome Grinding Wheels.
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