1. Preparation before homework:

  • Check the various parts of the machine, such as whether the bolts and the grinding wheel splint are loose, whether the cutting wheel is cracked, and whether the protective cover of the grinding wheel is firm. Restart and wait for it to operate normally before it can be used. It is not allowed to use it without a protective cover.
  • Regularly inspect the equipment. If any problems are found, report for repair immediately.  It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with diseases.
  • It is forbidden to use abrasive discs that are damp, frosted, corroded, and wear excessively.
  1. Operation and safety and precautions:

  • During work, you must wear glasses when grinding the workpiece. People must stand on the side of the grinding wheel, and it is forbidden to stand on the opposite side of the grinding wheel.
  • If the grinding wheel is not round, ortoo thin or the edge of the splint is less than 2.5mm exposed due to excessive wear, a new grinding wheel should be replaced, otherwise it is not allowed to use.
  • If the sound is found to be abnormal during operation, stop it immediately and repair it, otherwise it is not allowed to use.
  • The grinder is only allowed to grind small parts, not over-large workpieces.
  • When grinding the workpiece, it is not allowed to vibrate the grinding wheel and the workpiece with vibration is not allowed to be ground.
  • The grinder is only allowed to grind ferrous metals such as steel and iron, but not soft non-ferrous metals and non-metal parts.
  • The grinder is not allowed to install a reverse switch. In the event of a power outage, the power supply should be cut off immediately.
  • When grinding the workpiece, the workpiece should be grindingslowly, and excessive force or impact should not be allowed.
  • When grinding workpieces that are easilyto break the grinding wheel, a protective shield or fine wire mesh baffle should be provided.
  • Two or more people are not allowed to share a grinding wheel at the same time.
  • The grinding parts must not exceed the specified size and weight.
  • The finished workpiece should be placed in a safe position and placed neatly and stably. It is strictly forbidden to place the workpiece too high or on a safe passage.
  1. After the assignment:

At the end of the work, the machinery and equipment should be shut down, the debris and tools on the equipment should be cleaned up and kept hygienic, and safety matters should be cleared to the successor.

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