I believe you are not unfamiliar with grinding wheel discs, and you can often see them in industrial production, construction, etc. People who use grinding wheels usually not only care about the quality and safety of grinding wheels. It will also take into account the life of the abrasive wheeland whether it is durable. So today, the editor of Cndome® will tell you about the service life of the abrasive wheel.

The choice of grinding wheel

Different types of grinding wheels are suitable for different workpiece materials. Like resin abrasive wheels because of their good grinding finish. The workpiece is not easy to burn and is effectively used in various grinding operations. Such as surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding and internal grinding. It is an ideal grinding tool for superheat-resistant stainless steel, cermet, ceramics, glass, limonite, high-speed steel, alloy tools and many other new superhard materials. However, the grinding efficiency of resin abrasive wheels is relatively poor when performing operations such as concrete cutting and grooving. Use diamond abrasive wheels with higher hardness. If the resin abrasive wheel is forcibly used, it will not only affect the grinding efficiency. The service life of the abrasive wheel will also be greatly reduced.

The rotational speed of the grinding wheel

The speed of the grinding wheel should be adjusted according to the type of abrasive wheel, grinding method and workpiece material. Unmatched speed will directly affect the service life of the abrasive wheel, and it is more likely to cause burns to the workpiece.
The above two points are the two most important factors that affect the life of the abrasive wheel when we usually use the abrasive wheel. Of course, the excessive dressing of the abrasive wheel and the quality of the grinding wheel will also affect its service life. When you usually use the abrasive wheel, the diameter of the abrasive wheel must be replaced until the remaining 1/3. Safety cannot be neglected in order to save material.