What problems will the cutting discs encounter during transportation? How to solve it? How can these errors be avoided at the source? Cndome® Grinding Wheel has sorted out the solutions to problems such as loss, damage and incomplete goods of cutting discs during transportation, which are only for manufacturer’s reference.

The cutting disc is damaged during transportation.

Although the cutting disc is sharp, it cannot withstand the pile pressure of many goods. Before loading, the cutting sheets need to be neatly stacked and tightly packed. Avoid the goods falling down during transportation. In the event of other accidents, the responsible person will be required to pay compensation. Compensation for lost products.

The cutting sheet is out of stock during transportation.

When the customer receives the goods, he finds that the cutting discs do not reach the relevant quantity. It is necessary to contact the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer will find the relevant person in charge. Check customer invoices and see if the warehouse is out of stock. After finding the reason, communicate with the customer in time and give a solution. Minimize losses on both sides.

The goods cannot be signed for receipt during the transportation of the cutting piece.

Know the actual address of a customer before delivery, and confirm that the sent cutting pieces can be received. If the customer cannot sign for the goods, they need to provide an ID card and record the abnormality of the receipt. If there are any problems related to the quality of the cutting piece, you can apply for return and exchange.

The freight cannot be settled in time during the transportation of the cutting piece.

If the customer can not pay the full amount of shipping. The manufacturer can send a small part of the goods, and the remaining goods can wait for the customer to pay the full freight. Then send the rest of the goods to the customer. Avoid the phenomenon of customers not paying.
The above is the solution proposed by Cndome® Grinding Wheel for the transportation of cutting discs. Source problems like out-of-stocks can be avoided directly at the source. Keep close contact with customers during delivery and update the delivery process at any time.

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