Resin grinding wheels have high strength, certain elasticity, and good self-sharpening. These significant advantages are derived from the choice of construction materials. There are 3 important materials in the production of grinding wheels. It is an important factor in determining product quality. Which three are those?
1. Liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuation range of the solid content, viscosity, gel time and water solubility of liquid phenolic resin has different degrees of influence.
2. The stability of mesh technical indicators. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the resin grinding wheel, the role of the mesh in the resin grinding wheel is very important. Mainly manifested in: fluctuation of grinding wheel strength, deformation of slices, delamination of grinding discs, etc. The glue content of the mesh has an impact on the strength, viscosity and cutting performance of the resin wheel.
3. Powder phenolic resin. The process of powder phenolic resin is an important performance index that affects the structure of the binder. Particle size affects the amount of wetting agent used, as is the volatile content. In the actual grinding wheel production process, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the performance of each batch of powder resin. In this way, the quality of the grinding wheel can be ensured.
The above three are important materials for resin grinding wheels. Pay attention to the quality of materials during production, and only in this way can the overall quality of the product be guaranteed.

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