A metal cutting disc is simply a disc for cutting metal. There are many types of cutting discs, for example, our table needs to be cut with wood cutting discs. We all know that metal is a difficult material to cut. Therefore, we have to consider many aspects when choosing metal cutting discs. The following are the three main points for choosing metal cutting discs.
1. Select different cutting discs according to the cutting material, size, and cutting machine size and power.
2. The cutting material is hard and the diameter is large, choose a slightly softer cutting piece.
3. The cutting machine has high power, and the cutting material is hollow or solid with small diameter. Choose high-grade and high-hardness cutting discs.
The main points of selecting metal cutting discs are introduced here, and I hope it can help you. There are many kinds of cutting disc products on the market now, and different types of cutting discs have different scopes of use. If you need metal cutting discs, you can contact our Cndome® grinding wheel manufacturer. We produce not only metal cutting discs, but also stone cutting discs, resin grinding discs and other products. Welcome to call to buy.