The flap disc is a common grinding and polishing tool in life. How can we improve the grinding efficiency and prolong the service life of the abrasive flap wheel during construction? The following Damon editor will tell you about it.

correct use

The use of the flap disc is for the grinding and polishing of the grinding wheel facing the grinding material. So the flap discs are more suitable for working at an angle. In this way, there are fewer grinding surfaces in contact, and the wear of the abrasive flap wheel is slow. Sand and polish on a flat surface. The more grinding surfaces that are in contact, the faster the flap discs wear. It also affects the pressure on the flap disc during use. The higher the pressure, the faster that flap disc will wear. But the pressure is small, although it will reduce the wear of the flap discs. But the grinding time will increase.

Selection of flap wheel discs

It is also important to choose our abrasive flap wheel for the material to be ground. If the grinding surface has an angle, we can choose a cymbal-shaped flap wheel disc with the grinding surface. Flat flap discs can be used if the grinding surface is very flat. This ensures maximum utilization of the abrasive flap wheel.

These are the tips for using the shutters. You can always pay attention. If there are any shortcomings, please add them in the comments section below!

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