The primary factor affecting the wear of the cutting disc, in most cases, the higher the strength of the raw material, the better the wear resistance. The wear rate increases with the increase in the average size of the abrasive grains. The wear rate increases with the increase in the strength of the abrasive grains, etc.
The main function of the cutting disc is to cut objects. For example, there are thin cutting sheets used for cutting high-precision bare diamonds, spar, precision die-casting, light-emitting diode substrates, electronic component pins, circuit boards and other fields. The volume is relatively large and can be used for cutting horse lines, natural marble, granite, rock formations, etc.
It depends on which field you use to cut the workpiece. At this stage, thin cutting discs are used in all fields. There are several types of cutting discs at this stage. Slim diamond disc for cutting non-metals. And hard component cutting discs such as boron nitride are used to cut metals.
The cutting disc is made of high toughness epoxy resin, preferably a unique wear-resistant material. They allow very high angular velocities in excess of 50 m/s without cracking. Sharp cuts, minimal cut heat and shallow sample heat affected layer to minimize impact.
Cutting discs are widely used in machinery and equipment, vehicles, ships, metallurgical industry, chemical plants and other fields. Can also be used for iron decoration and equipment maintenance in contemporary homes and factories. Professional grinding of general metal, stainless steel plate, fireproof steel, alloy steel, engineering construction metal, gray cast iron, hard pig iron metal.

The grinding wheel is not easy to ignite and hot when working, the cutting speed is faster, the efficiency is high, and it is sturdy and durable.

1. The cutting disc is not blocked, which can give full play to the excellent grinding and cutting efficiency.
2. The appropriate flexibility of the cutting disc is suitable for cutting and electric cutting.
3. When cutting the disc workpiece, the burrs on the workpiece surface are removed to make the workpiece surface smooth.
4. The cutting disc has the actual effect of evaporative cooling, which can significantly prevent the surface of the workpiece from being hot and burning.
5. The cutting disc is safe, sharp, wear-resistant, no heat, no heat, power saving, energy saving, time saving, high efficiency and high cost performance.
6. The cutting parts meet the customer’s requirements for non-calibration, and can be made according to the customer’s design drawings or samples.

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