The main function of cutting discs is to cut items. For example, there are thin cutting discs for cutting high-precision loose diamonds, spars, precision die-casting, light-emitting diode substrates, electronic component pins, circuit boards and other fields. The volume is relatively large, and it can be used to cut horse lines, natural marble, granite, rock formations, etc.
At present, thin cutting discs are used in all fields. There are several types of cutting discs at this stage. Thin diamond cutting wheels for cutting non-metals. Hard component cutting blades such as boron nitride are used to cut metal.
disco de corte 4½ pulgadas
The cutting disc is made of high toughness epoxy resin, the best unique wear-resistant material. They allow very high angular velocities, in excess of 50 m/s, without cracking.
Cutting discs are widely used in mechanical equipment, vehicles, ships, metallurgical industry, chemical plants and other fields. It can also be used for iron decoration and equipment maintenance of contemporary houses and factories. Professional grinding of general metal, stainless steel plate, fireproof steel, alloy steel, engineering construction metal, gray cast iron, hard pig iron metal. The grinding wheel is not easy to ignite and get hot when it is working, the cutting speed is faster, high efficiency, durable.

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