A grinding wheel is a cutting tool made of many extremely hard abrasive particles bound by a bond. The characteristics of the grinding wheel depend on the type and particle size of the abrasive. The hardness and structure of the grinding wheel, the shape and size of the binder and the grinding wheel, etc.
Abrasive: The polygonal and angular hard particles on the surface of the grinding wheels are called abrasives. It is the main component of the grinding wheel and is directly responsible for the cutting work. During grinding, it is subjected to severe friction, extrusion and high temperature. Therefore, the abrasive must have high hardness, heat resistance and considerable toughness. Also have a relatively sharp cutting edge.
Particle size: Particle size refers to the size of the abrasive particles, that is, the degree of thickness. The larger the particle size number, the finer the abrasive grains and the smaller the surface roughness value, but the efficiency is low.
Binder: It is a bonding material that bonds abrasive grains into various grinding wheels.
Hardness: refers to the firmness of the bond to bond the abrasive particles. There are soft, medium and hard grades.

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