Many customers have such a question? Why is the price difference of resin grinding wheel so big? Similar products vary widely in price. As a source manufacturer, the most feedback received from customers is the doubts about the quotation of resin grinding wheels. The following Czdome grinding wheel will explain the factors that affect the quotation of resin grinding wheel.

First, Quantity of customized products

The price of resin grinding wheel has a great relationship with the quantity. Mainly because of the higher cost of manufacturing process and raw materials. Plus customers choose OEM customization. The requirement for Czdome grinding wheel OEM customization is 5,000 pieces. But there are also customers who cannot reach the MOQ. In the end, only the minimum standard can be charged. So in the absence of customized standards. The smaller the quantity, the higher the price cost allocated to each piece.

Second, the product specifications are different

Resin grinding wheel is a general term for cutting discs and angle grinding discs . Coupled with the variety of specifications, the price difference will be directly reflected in the size. Different sizes, different specifications. What has changed is the production process and raw materials of the product. Simply put, the larger the size, the heavier the weight, and the more expensive the price. If there are less commonly used specifications, the price will be more expensive. Because a set of abrasives costs 100,000+. So the less common the specification, the more expensive it will be.

Third, Product transportation costs

Shipping has always been a headache for Czdome wheels. Although a piece of weight is very light. But 10 pieces, 100 pieces, 1000 pieces added together, the weight is difficult to estimate. In addition to the different regions, the price of shipping will also increase. Because of this, the shipping fee will be included in the quotation.
The above is about the components of the resin grinding wheel quotation. The above three points are the most important. In fact, there are also some related to packaging costs, labor costs, and other costs. OEM customization is generally a production process. But the more you buy, the more affordable the price.

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