As the main abrasive tool in the grinding process, the grinding wheels play a very important role. The ultra-thin resin cutting wheel has elasticity and low heat resistance. Widely used in rough grinding, cutting and free grinding. The production process of ultra-thin resin cutting grinding wheel includes semi-hot pressing process, cold pressing process and hot pressing process. However, in use, there are still problems that cannot be avoided. The following CNDOME grinding wheel will tell you in detail the common problems in the use of ultra-thin resin cutting grinding wheels.
1. The edge loss of the grinding wheel is uneven.
1. Incorrect working method (use the cutting disc as a grinding disc).
Solution: It is strictly forbidden to use the cutting disc as a grinding disc, please use a special grinding disc or a multi-purpose grinding wheel disc.
2. The workpiece is not clamped firmly, resulting in vibration.
Solution: The workpiece must be securely clamped in a suitable position for cutting or grinding.
3. The grinding operation angle is too small.
Solution: The correct grinding angle is 20-30°.
2. After cutting, many burrs are generated.
1. The grinding wheel is too thick.
Solution: Choose a thinner wheel.
2. The particle size of the grinding wheel is too coarse.
Solution: Choose a grinding wheel with a finer grain size.
The above is all about the ultra-thin resin cutting grinding wheel. I hope it can help you. If you have any needs or other content you want to know, please leave a message for consultation!