When purchasing abrasives disc , no matter cutting disc or grinding wheels , the buyers need to have the understanding of the quality of the abrasives disc . This can accurately distinguish the difference between a good-quality or a poor-quality of abrasives disc . CNDOME Abrasives sorted out 5 tips on how to distinguish the quality of abrasives disc for everyone, hope to help buyers to avoid fooled by the merchants when purchasing abrasives disc.

  1. Environmental standards for abrasives disc quality testing

Different companies have different environments, the performance and requirements for abrasives disc are also different. When performing quality inspections, it is recommended to choose a testing environment close to the use environment.

The environmental requirements generally include room temperature, humidity, high temperature, corrosion and other environmental factors. Enterprises can make reasonable arrangements according to their own needs. It is recommended to store the abrasives disc in a dry environment of room temperature.

  1. Appearance standard of abrasives discquality inspection

When testing the performance of the abrasives disc , carefully check if there are cracks in the appearance of the abrasives disc , serious pile-up of edge materials, and lack of trademarks and holes for no reason.

After carrying out the most basic surface inspection, compare it with the outer packaging and carefully record it before proceeding to the next step. The quality of the general abrasives disc is based on the GB/T2485-1997 “Abrasives disc Technical Conditions” standard.

  1. Temperature standard for abrasives discquality inspection

The temperature tolerance of the abrasives disc is based on its material and technology . In general, new abrasives have better resistance to the temperature. The abrasives disc can withstand 105℃~110℃. For the quality and temperature standards of abrasives disc , companies can choose according to their own conditions.

  1. Abrasives disc quality inspection material standards

The quality of the abrasives disc is related to the choice of abrasive. Good abrasives will make a rustling sound during use. There would be no harsh sound, but there will be no excessive consume after the operation ; the reaction of inferior abrasives is the opposite, and dangerous accidents are easy to occur.

  1. Safety standards for abrasives discquality inspection

The diameter of the abrasives disc chuck shall not be less than one-third of the diameter of the installed abrasives disc ; for any abrasives disc chuck, the diameter of the left and right parts and the width of the pressing surface must be equal; when operating , you must wear the relevant Safety measures : gloves , glasses , masks , etc. , to prevent sparks from splashing on the body part.

The above is the quality inspection standard proposed by CNDOME abrasives . The most important thing for everyone to pay attention to is the safety standards . All workers who are operating the abrasives disc are also asked to wear relevant safety measures seriously.

Cherish life, safety first!

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