What are the quality standards for grinding wheels? Experts propose 5 inspection techniques you need to know!
When a company purchases grinding wheels, it is necessary for the purchaser to have a certain understanding of the quality of the grinding wheels. It can accurately distinguish the difference between a good-quality grinding wheel and a poor-quality grinding wheel. Damon Grinding Wheel has compiled five tips on how to distinguish the quality of grinding wheels for everyone, hoping to help buyers be fooled by the merchants when purchasing grinding wheels.
1.Environmental standards for grinding wheel quality testing
Different companies use different environments and have different performance and requirements for the use of grinding wheels. When performing quality inspections, it is recommended to choose a testing location close to the use environment.
The environmental requirements generally include environmental factors such as room temperature, humidity, high temperature, corrosion, etc. Enterprises can make reasonable arrangements according to their own needs. It is recommended to store the grinding wheel in a dry environment at room temperature.
2.Appearance standard of grinding wheel quality inspection
When testing the performance of the grinding wheel, carefully observe whether there are cracks in the appearance of the grinding wheel, serious pile-up of edge materials, and lack of trademarks and holes for no reason.
After carrying out the most basic surface inspection, compare it with the outer packaging and carefully record it before proceeding to the next step. The quality of the general grinding wheel is based on the GB/T2485-1997 “Technical Conditions for Grinding Wheels” standard.
3.Temperature standard for grinding wheel quality inspection
The temperature tolerance of the grinding wheel is based on its material and technology. In general, new materials are more resistant to temperature. The grinding wheel can withstand 105℃~110℃. For grinding wheel quality temperature standards, companies can choose according to their own conditions.
4.grinding wheel quality inspection material standards
The quality of the grinding wheel is related to the choice of abrasive. Good abrasives will make a rustling sound during use. Not only will there be no harsh sound, but there will be no excessive wear after the operation; the reaction of inferior abrasives is the opposite, and dangerous accidents are prone to occur.
5.Safety standards for grinding wheel quality inspection
The diameter of the grinding wheel chuck shall not be less than one-third of the diameter of the installed grinding wheel; for any grinding wheel chuck, the diameter of the left and right parts and the width of the pressing surface must be equal; when grinding, you must wear the relevant Safety measures: gloves, glasses, masks, etc., to prevent sparks from splashing on the body.