What are the reasons for the waste of resin grinding wheel? How should it be avoided? The emergence of waste products is undoubtedly not a loss for the enterprise. There are two kinds of waste, one can be repaired, and the other is irreparable waste. In reality, any enterprise is striving to improve product quality, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprise products. Make it invincible in the fierce market competition.
Resin grinding wheels are generally divided into ordinary resin grinding wheels and superhard resin grinding wheels according to the abrasive. Ordinary resin grinding wheels are grinding wheels with common abrasives such as white corundum, brown corundum, and silicon carbide as the main grinding components. Super hard resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel with diamond or CBN as the main grinding component.
The most commonly used resin grinding wheels in the market are ordinary resin cutting discs and ordinary resin grinding discs. Common diameters are 100, 180, 230, 300, 350, 400, 500.
The super hard resin grinding wheel market mainly includes super hard resin cutting discs and super hard resin grinding discs. Common cutting blade diameters are 100, 125, 150, 200. The diameters of common grinding discs are 150, 200, 250, 300, 400.

As a professional grinding wheel manufacturer, Cndome® will share with you the reasons for the waste of resin grinding wheels. How should it be avoided?

1. The particle size and hardness of the resin grinding wheel are inconsistent. The ingredients should be calculated strictly according to the ingredient list, and the review is the key procedure.
2. Cracks in the formed blank. The hot pressing temperature is too high, and the product is rapidly cooled and heated. When the temperature is too low when the core is removed, the core should be removed in time. Deterioration of raw materials due to moisture, or wrong compounding.
3. Doping. Before mixing and during the mixing process, arrange the tooling utensils along with it. Before ingredients, check the various raw materials for impurities.
4. Uneven mixing. Mixing materials according to technical requirements. Replace overly worn mixer parts at any time. The powdery resin material should be sieved according to the sieve number and number of times specified in the technical regulations.
5. The molding hardness does not match. The first piece must be inspected, and each batch of blanks is not less than 30%. Always check the weighing unit, and often check whether the pressure has changed.
6. The bridge is uneven. Cooling should be uniform. The surface of the workpiece “warped” without a flat plane is called a bridge. This is caused by uneven cooling and uneven shortening of the workpiece or uneven backing of the furnace. Mostly from flake grinding wheels and fine-grained thin products. Flake grinding is prone to bridging waste when the cooling rate is too fast.
7. Uneven arrangement and uneven hardness. Adjust the dry humidity of the mixture to make it have excellent formability. Spreading and scraping operations are carried out according to technical requirements. According to the technical requirements, use the horn first to maintain the precision of the press. When feeding, the material is unevenly scraped, the mixture is wet, or the material is agglomerated, the feeding is uneven, the mold is worn, and the material leakage is severe, and the mold needs to be replaced.
8. The two ends are not parallel. Adhere to the accuracy of the limit table of the press and operate according to the technical rules.
9. The appearance is uneven. Tooling equipment protection is within the required accuracy range.
10. Foaming. Control temperature hardening according to the standard hardening curve of the product. Strict quality control is carried out on the compounding process. If the molding temperature is too high or too low, the temperature needs to be adjusted. The curing temperature is too high, and the curing oven temperature is out of control. Contact agent mismatch. The surface of the superhard mold is convex and deformed or the entire surface is swollen, and has a resinous luster, and some have tortoise-like cracks.

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