The equipment used for ultra-thin cutting disc is mainly slicing (cutting) machines and dicing machines, mostly imported equipment. It not only has superior performance, but also has a high degree of automation and good work stability. The dicing machine mostly uses an integral cutting disc, which has high rotation speed and small cutting depth. The slicing (cutting) machine has a wide range of applications and a wide range of uses.

For ultra-thin grinding wheels, what conditions does a grinder need to have?

High precision

The precision of the grinding wheel spindle must be higher than that of ordinary grinding machines. It is generally required that the main shaft run out ≤0.005mm, and the radial runout ≤0.01mm.

Good vibration resistance

Bearings and bed should have good vibration absorption performance.

High speed

The general speed is above 3000-40000rPm.

Resin grinding wheel must have automatic tool setting function.

The rigidity of the grinder is better

The general requirements are about 50% higher than that of ordinary grinders. Usually it should not be less than the order of 100N/μm.

The precision of the grinding machine feed system should be high

The feed rate should be uniform and accurate. The minimum speed of longitudinal feed should reach 0.3m/min, and the lateral feed (depth of cut) should reach 0.001~0.002mm/single stroke. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy and surface roughness of grinding.

Grinding machine moving parts

For example, the main shaft and bearing parts of the headstock, and the parts of the feed motion guide rails should be reliably sealed. In order to prevent the entry of superhard abrasives and accelerate the wear of the parts.

There must be a relatively complete grinding fluid filtration and supply system

The filtration precision should be less than 0.5μm.

Each part of the grinder should have corresponding anti-vibration and vibration isolation measures

The diamond grinding wheel should be finely balanced.
Ultra-thin cutting discs are mainly made of glass fiber and resin as reinforced bonding materials. Features high tensile, impact and flexural strength. Therefore, it is widely used in the production and blanking of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal. According to the material, the ultra-thin cutting disc is mainly divided into fiber resin cutting disc and diamond cutting disc.
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