The main factors affecting the wear of the cutting disc are as follows. In most cases, the harder the material, the better the wear resistance. The amount of wear increases with the average size of the abrasive grains. The amount of wear increases with the hardness of the abrasive grains.
The main function of the cutting disc is to cut superhard products. For example, ultra-thin cutting chips used for cutting precision diamonds, precious stones, precision ceramics, light-emitting diode substrates, electronic component pins, circuit boards and other industries are in need. How you use it depends on what industry you use to cut the workpiece.
The cutting disc is made of high-strength resin, preferably special abrasive. The allowable line speed is very large, more than 50 m/s, and it is not easy to break. Sharp cuts, minimal cut heat and shallow sample heat affected layer to minimize interference. Cutting discs are widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. It can also be used for iron decoration and equipment repair in modern houses and factories. Professional grinding of common metals, stainless steel, refractory steel, tool steel, construction metals, gray cast iron, hard cast iron metals. It is not easy to burn and heat when cutting, with fast cutting speed, high efficiency and durability.

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The above is about the various uses of the cutting blade. Cutting sheets serve as the “teeth” of industrial products. On the whole, it plays a very good role in helping. Both enterprise development and social progress play a role in promoting. And now the cutting blades made in China have also begun to go abroad. Let everyone see Made in China.
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