As a “knife” of the industrial industry, the abrasive disc has always been an indispensable part of the industrial field, and it can be seen in all walks of life. In the course of use, the operator will always encounter some damage to the grinding wheel and cannot understand why the grinding wheel is damaged during use.

  1. Itself quality problems

The grinding wheel itself has quality problems, such as poor flatness of the grinding wheel, uneven structure of the grinding wheel, high hardness of the grinding wheel, and lack of toughness of the resin of the grinding wheel. So before using, you’d better check the grinding wheel clearly.

  1. Incorrect operation method

The grinding angle is too flat during use, or use the center groove of the grinding disc to polish and grind the workpiece. During the operation, the grinding angle is too flat or is polished by the central groove, so the last layer of the protective net is cut off by burrs. Once the protective net breaks and lateral force is applied, the central recess is separated, causing the grinding wheel to break.

  1. Damaged grinder

The clamping system of the grinder is worn, the angle grinder is damaged , and the vibration is large. In the working process, due to the vibration of the grinder during operation, the center recessed grinding wheel wears unevenly. 90% of this phenomenon is due to failure of the clamping system or poor machine condition and too much vibration. Due to the defects of the clamping system, the downward pressure type center grinding wheel does not have stable circumferential rotation and vibration, so the grinding wheel wears irregularly and starts to beat and cause cracking.

  1. Incorrect operating angle

During operation, the angle of the grinding wheel was too flat. After repeated use of the downward pressure center grinding wheel, excessive wear and large fragments fly out, damaging the angle grinder. The reason is that the angle of the grinding wheel is too flat during operation. Generally speaking, the concave center wheel should be used at a strong angle of at least 10 degrees. If the angle is less than 10 degrees, the last layer of the protection net will be damaged. In order to ensure the lateral force of the grinding wheel.

  1. The size of the grinder is wrong

The maximum limit of the machine selected by the operator is inappropriate, so that a strong lateral force is obtained in the clamping of the grinding wheel. At the same time, it will be worn. In the case of high-speed operation, improper size can easily cause the grinding wheel to break during operation. Most of the grinding wheel discs have the same internal control size, so choose the right one when choosing a grinder.

The above are the five major causes of damage to the grinding wheel. The quality of the grinding wheel itself is the top priority. I suggest that you choose a cost-effective grinding wheel. The correct choice is also a guarantee for the operator.

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